Author: Kristie Konsoer

I've been living well with metastatic breast cancer since 2012. This blog is a place where I can share thoughts and ideas on cancer, how I feel perceptions of cancer must change, and how I am finding a way to live with strength, hope, meaning, resiliency, humor, and hopefully a little wisdom.

2 thoughts on “Crossroads”

  1. Indeed. I’m grateful for the guilty verdicts and still have no way to process such violence under the aegis of so called protection. It’s a chance for real change but at such a cost. The same goes for covid. On the positive side we have a woman of color in the White House and indeed it was a choice to exact an election win, again, at what cost comes change. Growing pains are very deep…but I hope we don’t crumble under the weight of it all. It’s a lot to endure at once. But humans are resilient. Nature however proves time and again to be stronger than us. I have hope. Without it, I’d not like to think of the consequences.

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    1. There are so many crossroads. I know the context of this quote is rooted in our global environmental climate. But there are so many other areas, and yes, who is making policy for our country very much matters. Stay hopeful.

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