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Author: Kristie Konsoer

I've been living well with metastatic breast cancer since 2012. This blog is a place where I can share thoughts and ideas on cancer, how I feel perceptions of cancer must change, and how I am finding a way to live with strength, hope, meaning, resiliency, humor, and hopefully a little wisdom.

9 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. True, Mr. Jackson. But, doesn’t it take a great deal of inner strength in order to persevere? What I’d like to know is how does one gather and harness enough strength in order to persevere through those seemingly insurmountable struggles.

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    1. Good question! Perhaps an entire post is needed to examine sources of inner strength. I believe it is different for everyone. I also believe we are stronger than we know. Negative, critical thoughts from yourself or others are hurtful and disempowering. Fear has done a number on me, and I still have to work hard to deny the fear. There are many things that try to knock me down. Sometimes I get knocked down, but for some reason I keep getting up one more time. I build on my inner strengths when I focus on my core beliefs, claim my truths, and make sure I take time for self-care. It is always a work in progress.

      Would anyone else like to weigh in with ideas?


  2. Perhaps the strength Jackson could be talking about is the physical or body strength. Your body may put out the reserve of strength to get you somewhere but the “great work” is accomplished when the body gets there in order to for you to submit to something even bigger. (Like going to a therapist, the body must have strength to get there. But the great work happens when the therapy work begins to sink in time after time.)


    1. Good Morning, Margit. You’re probably correct in thinking that Jackson was referring to physical strength, but I suppose I hoped that he would have named it as such. I think most of us know that our inner strength far outweighs that of the physical. For Jackson, I am sure he has had to persevere through much in his life with a great source of inner strength. I wholeheartedly agree with him that perseverance is key, but I still wonder how others gather the inner strength in order to do so. And, maybe this is my own way of reaching out as if to say, mine is running low or even running on fumes right now, so I am searching for a greater source. It feels selfish to say. I shouldn’t need to tap into others in order to move myself forward, but, in all honesty, that is the humble truth.
      Thank you for being there, and in the process, sharing a bit of your own inner strength with me.


      1. This is an important discussion. I agree that inner strength does outweigh the physical. You told me recently it was okay to share feelings because someone somewhere would be feeling the same feelings. Guided imagery has helped me harness some of my inner strength. I have one I love that Margit read to me during a treatment years ago. It internalizes that idea that you are emotionally strong. I am happy to share it with you.


    2. Thank you for sharing and providing a good example for your idea. I sit here watching the newly returned robins outside my window as I write, and I think they must possess both physical strength and perseverance to have arrived back home. Both are needed, in addition to inner strength, luck, and a host of many other things, to accomplish great works.


      1. We have much to learn from all the beings around us, don’t we. Those first song birds always catch me off guard at the realization that spring is on its way. Spring has always been a very daunting season for me. It feels like a rebirth each year. It has been a season of grappling, shedding layers and once again exposing ourselves to the rest of the world. Life in all forms starts to appear a little at a time and I have found that it can overwhelm me. It makes sense that all that is happening in my life right now comes at this time. Maybe my pain (the inner pain) is the desire to not shed the layers of the old. Charting new territory and making new pathways is no easy task. I get the feeling that the Universe will not back down or back off until I succumb to its new way. To fight against it, so far at least, has not served me well through this. What a rebirth, which I suppose is quite painful but beautiful in the end. It certainly does bring to mind the literal birthing process. Nature sure has a way of teaching us when we really listen.
        Thank you, Kristie


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