Finding A Way

Diana Nyad is the first person ever to complete a swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark tank. Here are some of the numbers: she did it when she was 64 years old, it was a 103 mile long swim, it took her 53 hours, and she completed her swim on her fifth try on September 2, 2013.

Her mantra was persistent – Find a way.  She didn’t give up.

Finding a way is a constant theme in my life, too. I need to find ways to increase my strength and stamina. I need to find ways to stay motivated and never give up my belief that I am healthy. I need to find ways to lead and live by example. I need to find ways that reflect purpose and meaning in my life. I need to find ways to experience joy every day. I need to find ways to live my truth. I sure need a lot of things! Life is challenging for each of us. Finding a way is challenging for me because I am finding my way as someone living with cancer.

LIVING with cancer is an intentional part in finding my way as opposed to battling or fighting cancer. My energy is focused on living, and living well. Yes, there is grit involved. Sometimes it is hard. But the words are there just as they were for Diana Nyad – find a way, find a way, find a way. No matter what.

And so I have decided to write about finding a way, my way, and what that means to me in my efforts to be strong, to be hopeful, and to be well as I live with something that has pushed me more than anything I have ever known. I am pushing back. If you read something that helps you find your way, then so much the better.

Find a way, find a way, find a way.  Always.

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Author: Kristie Konsoer

I've been living well with metastatic breast cancer since 2012. This blog is a place where I can share thoughts and ideas on cancer, how I feel perceptions of cancer must change, and how I am finding a way to live with strength, hope, meaning, resiliency, humor, and hopefully a little wisdom.

4 thoughts on “Finding A Way”

  1. Beautiful blog post, Kristie! Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational message! Keep writing, keep inspiring, my friend!


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